Communiqué from the 49th meeting of the representatives of the non-government agricultural organisations of Visegrád four countr


Czech Republic from 19th to  – 20th June 2013

The representatives of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, National Council of Polish Agricultural Chambers, Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic met on the  49th meeting of the non-government agricultural organisations in Prague in the Czech Republic in the period from 19th to 20th June 2013.

The following topics have been discussed:

  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy for the planning period 2014 - 2020
  • Up-to-date information to the losses caused by floods in June  2013
  • Situation and developments  on the agri-food markets of the V-4 countries
  • Tax systems in the V-4 countries


Participants of the meeting confirmed their standpoints defined in the Common Declaration of the new member states on 29th November 2011 in Budapest, which must be in the increased extent enforced in the bodies and standpoints of COPA-COGECA, European Commission, European Parliament, DG AGRI and by the discussions with other partners.

Participants of the meeting also confirmed their priorities concerning discussion on the CAP reform of the EU for planning period 2014 – 2020 resulting from the meeting of the organisations of V-4 countries held in Bratislava in Slovak Republic from 20th  to 21th March 2013. Participants of the V-4 meeting stress the necessity to speed up trialogue and to come to an agreement on CAP 2014 -2020 till the end of June 2013.

Strong agricultural budget, which makes possible to support and develop agri-food complex in the single EU countries is very important for the support of Common Agricultural Policy of the EU. The budget must be sufficiently competitive in the relation to the global production and it must ensure high quality food. It must enforce common interests of the primary production, food industry and all consumers. Participants have the opinion that the financial discipline for the year of 2013 concerning cutting of direct payments is not an appropriate approach to reallocate budget. Participants therefore strongly refuse it. In case of introducing this measure, participants insist that it should affect just those member states, whose average direct payments are over the average of EU level. 

Participants of the meeting discussed present situation and developments on the agri-food market of the Central European Region. They stated that continuing disbalance of the market is caused not only because of unequal setup of present Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, but also because of existing national supports giving advantage primarily to the EU 15 countries. It brings decreasing of the size of agriculture, agricultural production, mainly in the breeds of the farm animals. It causes rising dependence of the new member states on imports. Organizations at the same time strictly insist on the need to prepare EU countries on the changes in management of dairy market with the goal to prevent further destabilization of the number of cattle and dairy production by taking into account needs of the single member states. It is for this reason necessary to have effective tools for management of the production  and to provide satisfactory incomes for farmers and reach sustainable character of production in order to ensure necessary extent of the selfsufficiency of the EU countries. V-4 countries request maintenance of the sugar quotas in the sugar sector until  2020.

Representatives of the organisations discussed estimates and level of losses caused by floods in June 2013. The most affected sectors are vegetables, arable crops, hops, fruits, ornamental plants, somewhere also branch of the animal production etc.  Local as well as total damage is of high extent and mean serious jeopardy of the existence of enterprises. This fact emphasizes again requirement to establish tool for insurance and risk management as an integral and permanent part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. 

Delegations exchanged information on the tax systems in the V-4 countries and stated that different national policies and defined government tools for management of economy bring  as well as in the  four neighbouring countries significant differences. 

The representatives of the non-government organisations of the V-4 countries agreed that the next meeting of Visegrad four will be held in Hungary in September 2013.

This Communiqué was printed in five originals in English and the representative of each participated delegation was provided with one original copy. One original copy will be sent to the organisation of European farmers COPA-COGECA.


Secretary General
Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic

Miklos Zsolt KIS
Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

National Council of Polish Agricultural Chambers

Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber




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